The Peace House

The Indianapolis Peace House is now known as the Indianapolis Peace Institute. In 2002 the Plowshares Collaborative was founded by the three colleges known as Earlham, Goshen and Manchester. The Collaborative also received a generous grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. That is how the Peace House later became the Peace Institute.

The Peace House has a quite a tradition: the founding colleges go back as the beginning of the 19th century and are connected to and supported by what is generally known as The Peace Churches. During the World War II , students from these colleges tried to spread pacifist thinking, some of them refusing to fight in the war, others fighting in the war against their own beliefs. It was here that the first majoring in peace keeping was available in the U.S. Nowadays the colleges have different programs focused on peace keeping, non-discrimination, human rights and related domains.

The mission of the Institute was to continue peacemaking traditions through high quality education offered on a non- discriminatory basis. It is important to create opportunities for dialogue and for sustained learning, especially about peacemaking for students of undergraduate level. Peace House is an academic and experimental program addressed to students. It is through this program that students can learn about what causes conflict, how conflict can be avoided and extinguished and what the basic peacemaking techniques are.

Group dynamics and leadership programs, training in conflict transformation, psychology, religion, women’s studies and many other useful training programs are available through the Indianapolis Peace Institute. There are also many programs and workshops designed, conceived and ran by the students themselves. The Institute’s students’ residence is called Peace House and it is Located in a residential neighborhood of Indianapolis, very close to the Institute’s buildings and offices. Apart from the undergraduate programs, there are summer programs as well.

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