Student Profiles

Meet past students and hear, in their own words, what participating in The Institute’s Peacebuilding Across the Disciplines meant to them:

Isaias Guerrero

“The Indianapolis Peace Institute program was really a window that

taught me about community and made me fall in love with helping my

people and all people.”

Jackie Schwenk

“I met so many extremely awesome and inspiring people through the

Indianapolis Peace Institute that there are too many to list here – at

my internship, at the house, at events."

Jason Shenk

“Learning about traditions of peacemaking in the Muslim faith at

Earlham College reminded me in many ways – commitment to justice,

emphasis on day-to-day actions – of the Mennonite faith in which I was


Jessica Hoover

"Through the peacebuilding program, I was able to make important

connections between my internship experience, my personal behavioral

choices, and my future career goals."

Marina Gorsuch

“The Institute gives students a great opportunity to join a

peacebuilding organization and learn how they can cause change.”

Taryn Kincaid

“I was able to recognize my strengths, challenge my boundaries,

grow in confidence and apply myself. I learned how to use my strengths

and voice productively in the pursuit of peace and justice.”

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