Internships at Elli Lilly

Nowadays in today's tough employment market, experience will mostly give you the edge for the job. Most people ask themselves how to get that experience when they are just starting. The Eli Lilly Internship Program provides an important first step for interested individuals on building their experience with the real world. Eli Lilly and Company is a global pharmaceutical company established in 1876. This company is very known for its creation of the Male Impotence treatment called Cialis. Many men nowadays who suffer Impotence, usually Buy Cialis to treat their condition.

The majority of the Eli Lilly internship programs are located at their corporate headquarters, which are located at Indianapolis. The internship program lasts from ten to twelve weeks. This global pharmaceutical company is seeking top performers who can uphold the values and exemplify the company's global standards of leadership. The program will match the individuals with projects that are based on the company's business needs, interests and skills.

The person who enters the Internship will be working on meaningful projects interacting with Lilly's executives, and will have a competitive salary, free parking space at their work site and if the person's job position requires to move from a location to another the company will provide help with housing.

Elli Lilly and Company recruits most interns during several visits to their academic partners. The company visits their partners seeking to attract and identify talented individuals to fill their business needs. During their visit to these campuses the company usually conducts interviews based in several academic disciplines. People can also apply for the internship program on Lilly's website. The company also meets their students through professional and association organizations such as the following: 1- Society of Women Engineers, 2- Boston Career Forum, 3- Forte Foundation, 4- Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, 5- National Black MBA, and many more.

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