Indianapolis Peace Institute General Info

The Indianapolis Peace Institute or Indianapolis Peace House was founded in 2002 thanks to the collaboration of Earlham, Goshen and Manchester Colleges, and the Plowshares Project. This institute offered an off campus education since 2004, giving students around the United States the opportunity to participate in rigorous peace studies. This education was focused in peace building, peace leaders, and community peace.

The educational programs let the incoming students to link their chosen major (s) or careers interests with peace studies. This is called peace building. Students who go to Indianapolis Peace House get prepared to become peace leaders in their own field of study. In this way they become peace builders themselves.

The institute also focuses on Community. The basis for peace is a peaceful community. And peaceful communities depend on peace leaders. Its the first step in peace building. The Indianapolis Peace Institute works to build peace in Indianapolis through partnerships with community organizations and other groups.

Indianapolis Peace Institute was initiated to extend the Peace Studies programs of Manchester, Earlham, and Goshen colleges, and to produce value for the community. The Institute defines its mission and goals by the believes of the Church of the Brethren, the Society of Friends, and the Mennonite Church. The Manchester College represent the Brethren Church, the Earlham College represents the Society of Friends, and the Goshen College is for the Mennonite Church.

This colleges have done an important work for peace by forming leaders. For example in World War II many of their students objected to war and helped to the development of the Civilian Public Service (CPS) as an alternative to military service. After the war they took a leading position in the renewal and reconciliation that followed the tragedy. Through education, the Indianapolis Peace Institute give the opportunity to students to extend their peace studies and become valuable leaders for tomorrow.

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