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Studying is one of the important steps in life that individuals must take in order to have a chance at ‘becoming someone’. Contrary to common belief having a very high degree in an area does not necessarily grant individuals with a safe job, but one also needs to consider their abilities and competencies as well as their talents before deciding to apply to a certain type of education. For instance, many individuals nowadays go for studies in business, an area that promises substantive financial gains but for which one’s personality must be inclined towards in order to pay off. The first step to building a career in a specific area is by enrolling in undergraduate education.

Undergraduate education is the level of education that one takes prior to gaining a first degree. The educational systems vary much across the world, but to some extent they are similar. The highest level in undergraduate education is the level that grants one a bachelor degree and it is also referred to as post-secondary education. In the United States for instance, the university entry level is known as undergraduate. At the same time, students of higher degrees such as Master’s degree of PHDs are known as graduates. The undergraduate education and its classifications may depend on the specific area in which one is studying. For instance, in medicine undergraduate education includes post-secondary education up to the level of a master’s degree.

In the United States the term undergraduate is commonly used to refer to individuals studying towards a bachelor’s degree. Commonly, this means that the students will be studying for four years in case they are working towards a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, or Bachelor of Philosophy. Other bachelors consist in a five year program and these include the Bachelor in Architecture. Students in law and medicine are not being granted a degree at the undergraduate level and they need to carry on with a graduate study after earning their bachelor degree.

Also in the case of the United States, it is common that students choose to attend community college for about two years prior to a further study at another college or at a university. Community colleges usually offer associate degrees in arts or science. Those who are then willing to continue their education have the possibility to transfer to a four-year college or university. Some of the community colleges have signed automatic enrollment agreements with a four year college to simplify the procedure.

To conclude, undergraduate education is the level of education that would lead to a bachelor degree in most states in the United States and to a master’s degree in specific areas such as medicine, and in Europe.